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Faq & Help

What's the best way to arrange a meeting with you?

I don’t mind how you make initial contact, but I will need to speak with you on the phone before we confirm our appointment. Please have in mind a date, time and duration that you wish to meet before calling. I will happily answer any questions, but have any queries ready for when you call, as I will not engage in lengthy back and forth calls and texts. I will respond to all genuine sounding enquiries.

What information do you require for outcalls?

For hotels I will need to take the full name the room has been booked under and the hotel name and room number. I will need to speak with you on your room phone before I leave to meet you. I do not keep any personal details after the meeting, except in circumstances where you have turned out to be a dangerous client or a timewaster.

How much notice do you require?

At least one hour, but as much as possible is great as I like to take time making myself look nice for you.

Can I request what you wear?

Absolutely. I have plenty of beautiful sets of underwear; as you can see in my pictures, so don’t feel shy letting me know if you have a preferred set you’d like to see me in. I always dress smart and discreetly. If you would like me to dress casually let me know when getting in touch. Please note for short notice appointments I may not always be able to fulfill requests.

Are your photos real?

This question always strikes me as rather ridiculous. If I was going to use photos of someone else wouldn’t I pick a Barbie-esque lady .?! I work with an excellent photographer twice a year to ensure my photos are kept up to date and are a true representation of me.

Do you accept gifts?

Of course! It is always very kind, but never expected, although very gratefully received!

Do you have any escort friends to join us?

Of course! I am in very good relations with the very few indeed high class escorts in Vienna like http://www.gabriela-martinez.at/!

Q. Do you.. Can I..?

A. Any questions that aren’t answered on here just ask :).